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Anything that makes studs easier is a bonus. These are easy to use and will keep holes clean for a while.
Date Added: 15/06/2015 by Joanne Shaw
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I purchased the easy keepers from horsehealth I am very happy with the product, most of all the courier system they use it is great. I recieved the...
Date Added: 18/09/2014 by Nichole McGee
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Good product that just works! Needed to add more words to complete the review, so blah blah blah blah
Date Added: 27/04/2014 by Jennifer Cranford
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At last! Stud plugs that are easier to get out! The idea couldn't have been simpler. And I've been told they last forever. So maybe a bit more...
Date Added: 01/08/2013 by Jennifer Burnett
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Very Impressed! I didnt think they would be as efficient, easy to insert, easy to take out. much better than cotton wool.
Date Added: 30/04/2013 by Jacqui Bentley