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love this fly spray gets rid of flies easily and lasts along time
Date Added: 16/08/2017 by Beatrice Butterworth
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Ultra Shield is great if your horse does not like being sprayed as it works for up to 14 days. I have not actually tried it for that long but...
Date Added: 27/06/2017 by Kim
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It actually works! Keeps horseflies off horse and humans. Great stuff
Date Added: 27/06/2017 by Iona Courtenay-Warren
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Awesome, this fly spray really works in fact it's the only fly spray that works ??
Date Added: 26/06/2017 by carrie hart
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Great fly product needs different packaging as sadly leaked completely in my parcel !
Date Added: 24/04/2017 by karen Steel
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Not used this product yet so can't rate but it had been recommended
Date Added: 06/04/2017 by Sue dackombe