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I bought the large pot of cream because I have used it before and know it to be good. Not only does it smell wonderful but it is useful for a variety...
Date Added: 26/06/2020 by Marie-Anne Organ
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Fantastic all round cream. We use for hand cream to wounds and any skin upset, fly's don't like it and good for sunburn.
Date Added: 03/04/2020 by Karen Fiske
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Fabulous for so many things both equine and human.
Date Added: 28/06/2018 by Karen Fiske
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Have used this cream for a couple of years now, it is excellent for horse and human. Uuse it on minor wounds, cuts, skin irritations, it can even be...
Date Added: 18/04/2016 by Helen Keeble
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Great product used it for years. I use it for everything on my horse and Myself!! Can't recommend it highly enough.
Date Added: 31/07/2014 by Dawn Langford
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All the products are fab. Use the wash first then the cream as they say, them you get the best results. We all use it as an after sun and general...
Date Added: 26/07/2014 by Karen Fiske