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Its natural and does the job. Although it doesn't state its a fly spray the Marigold in this product does deter flies so a great product to have at a...
Date Added: 23/07/2019 by Teresa Bell
5 of 5 Stars!
Smells really good and has been used on two horses who have not tolerated other clients sprays, with this spray they are happy for it to be applied....
Date Added: 29/06/2019 by Elizabeth Roberts
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It certainly seems to be helping my horse's itchy mane and tail. Smells good too!
Date Added: 14/06/2019 by Barbara Gregg
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Arrived quickly but due to such bad weather at the moment, I haven’t had chance to use it. It smells lovely though
Date Added: 14/06/2019 by Sue Thomas
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Really good fly spray, especially for the midges. Bought the 3.8litre for economy although it means a big payout. No allergy problems with this...
Date Added: 09/05/2019 by Cheryl Hawkes
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Love this product and the smell is gorgeous. Feel better spraying this natural product on my horse than all the chemicals in other flysprays
Date Added: 14/08/2018 by D Edwards