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This is amazing, holds the hair out the way so I can plait without getting hair form the next plat involved, has a comb so I can separate and holds...
Date Added: 18/09/2017 by jazmine tagg
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Clever and useful! Makes plaiting a mane so much quicker and neater.
Date Added: 30/07/2016 by SISCA PLOUGMANN-THANING
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I have not used this yet but I am sure it will be a good product for help with plaiting.
Date Added: 20/07/2016 by Jenni Kirkby
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Brilliant! I'm wondering why it was not invented before!!!
Date Added: 28/12/2015 by Silvia Macario VERBETENA SA
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I love this, I have no idea how I every plaited effectively without it! I've bought them for two friends for Christmas
Date Added: 23/11/2015 by T R
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Brilliant product! No more little finger going dead with all the bands round it! works just as it says.
Date Added: 05/09/2015 by Erica Bassett