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Our horse received a kick, though not serious it caused the leg to swell and have some heat. Application of Icetight brought down the swelling and...
Date Added: 30/11/2018 by Anna Christine Scott
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Easy to apply, and works longer than most of the similar products on the market.
Date Added: 25/06/2017 by Caroline Eriksson
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Have used in past and great product. Unfortunately has yet to be delivered. Horse Health not as reliable as it has been over the last few years with...
Date Added: 17/05/2017 by A. HARRIS
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Very good service. Quick and efficient. Yet to know if the product works on my horses tendons. But does wash off easily.
Date Added: 25/09/2016 by Jo Obrien
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Fantastic product. No side effects on skin, we use this regularly (once or twice a week). Washes off very easily with warm water hose.
Date Added: 16/05/2016 by G Rutherford
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Does what says on the tin! I use it because I tried it on myself, after hurting my ankle, and it worked
Date Added: 30/04/2016 by Natasha Halliday