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This seems to have calmed my horse down. I ran out of the product and my horse went back to squealing, even if a horse so much as looked at her. As...
Date Added: 22/10/2017 by Dorothy Chuter
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Within a couple of days, the mare was more relaxed and generally more comfortable in her own body.
Date Added: 11/12/2016 by Bert Sheffield
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I was recommended this product for my mare who was a little bit grumpy on occasion. This supplement makes her a pleasure to be around and makes her...
Date Added: 30/07/2016 by Philippa Parsons
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My daughter's pony has been on Harmony this season and it has made a big difference. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for 15 year old girls,...
Date Added: 13/08/2014 by Hannah Smith
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I have only just started using it, so the jury is still out on this product. I will have to wait and see as the month goes on.
Date Added: 30/04/2013 by Jacqui Bentley
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Harmony is a great product, I started using this for my mare on the advice of a natural therapy vet. She loves it. Initially I used it just for last...
Date Added: 16/04/2013 by Deborah Feeney