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I'm very pleased with mellow my horse goes so well now I can ride out in rain and wind and she only some time a little jumpy. But what's good is she...
Date Added: 12/11/2017 by Margaret Hamblin
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I saw a calmer less stressed horse within a week. She still has her moments but she is less explosive. Will definitely be continuing with this product
Date Added: 24/07/2017 by Louise Burrell
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Mellow is GENIUS! I've used V-Calm a lot with great success, but needed a legal alternative for competing. My sharp, spooky young horse is still...
Date Added: 19/05/2017 by Jenny Gray-Wallis
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The first product that has allowed my horse to relax and work with me and he's nearly 18years old! Very pleased with the results
Date Added: 22/02/2017 by Janet Stares
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Amazing product! Have used it for years with different stressy horses.
Date Added: 11/12/2016 by Bert Sheffield
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A wonderful product. Does exactly as the bottle says!
Date Added: 31/08/2014 by wendy